Lucy, Racquel and me

Candies for the ears

I am

I’m a foreign word you don’t feel like learning
I’m a thought that escapes you without forming
I’m a stranger you pass in the street, not turning
Someone nameless, homeless, in need of warming

I’m a caption you cut from a silent movie
A forgotten track that you don’t mind skipping

I am (x2)

I’m a beggar staring down unmoving
In a memory you’ve got no room for keeping
I’m a cry for help but you don’t hear me calling
I’m a snowflake you never notice falling

I am (x3)

I’m a quiet child you go on ignoring
Once a year receiving your thoughtless presents
On your map I’m a place not worth exploring
I’m a dream locked up in your sleeping presence

I am (x2)

I’m a magic spell that you won’t be learning
I’m a saving prayer you won’t be hearing
I’m an angel who’ll pass over you, not turning
Someone glowing, beautiful and unfearing.

I am (x4)