Lucy, Racquel and me, 3 talents, 3 continents, one project. The 3 of us have never met, but you can meet us through our music.

September 2019

  • Foolish Dreams music blog
    The single “In Times Long Gone” reminds us of the 70’s, yet with a contemporary pop/folk twist ...»

July 2019

  • A review of Melancholy Fraise on Twitter by the one and only Martina Dörner Click to read it
  • A review of Snap by @ReviewRhino on Twitter Clic to read it

June 2019

May 2019

  • Klef Notes
    Melancholy Fraise is an eclectic cocktail of genres spanning from Jazz, Rock, and Folk. Splendidly, these genres are shaken, not bruised, by Modern Pop elements ...»

March 2019

  • Musique libre
    Du folk ? Du folk-rock ? Allez écouter cette découverte joliment produite ...»

February 2019

  • Taking off podcast
    «Lucy, Raquel and Me are perhaps one of the more unique acts we have had the pleasure to feature on the Taking Off Podcast, a truly global effort ...»
  • La Parisienne Life
    «Sur Melancholy Fraise, il y en a pour les goûts car le trio offre un véritable crossover entre Jazz, Folk et Pop...»

January 2019

  • Stereo Stickman
    «Lucy, Racquel and Me have that something special about their songwriting, and always the professional finish lets it hit with memorable impact. Melancholy Fraise is a genuinely impressive album ... »

December 2018

  • Klef Notes
    «Their latest EP, “Where the Moon Never Sets” contains six inimitable Adult Contemporary blended Folk Pop-infused tracks that touches on matters of the heart, soul, and mind ... »

November 2018

September 2018

  • Bla-Bla-Blog
    «Les guitares résonnent et s’appuient sur des chœurs légers comme des brises californiennes ... »
  • Johnny Fonts
    « Lucy’s lyrics are poetry while Philippe’s arrangements set a musical stage that isn’t lost in the tech-drumming pacing that too many pop hits of today are lost in ... »

August 2018

  • Stereo Stickman
    «Millions Out There is an incredibly interesting song that features one of the best lyrics I’ve come across all year ... »

March 2018

  • Music Talks]()
    *Interview in english*
  • Industry Me
    «Introducing Lucy Racquel & Me. A band with a fun fresh sound and an even more interesting backstory ... »
  • LAMusic Critic
    «Combining the best of Canberra, Australia, Los Angeles, California and Paris, France, Lucy, Racquel and me brings us an enchanting soft rock sound with traces of pop and jazz ... »

November 2017

  • Frederic Bezies
    «Le groupe sait aussi proposer des balades comme Children in bare feet, Shattered, Love now ou encore What we did do wrong ?. En poussant dans le blues avec des titres comme One Day .... »

June 2017

  • Subjective Sounds
    « One Day has a killer guitar introduction that is simply out of this world. One Day merges jazz and blues elements into the soundstage and it was this song that compelled me to write this review .... »

November 2016

October 2016

  • La Parisienne Life
    «Alors là, on touche du doigt la perfection ; quelle belle surprise que ce premier album éponyme du trio Lucy, Racquel and Me ... »

July 2016

  • The Indenpendent Spotlight
    a song that ties itself to the instrument for a bluesy romp through passionate love themes that feel surprisingly original. (When you receive dozens of ballads a day like I do, love songs quickly become burdened by the same tropes. I think the exceptional performances on ‘One Day’ keep it from falling victim to that.) ... »*
  • Stereo Stickman
    Silence For Beginners brings things to a close, and by this point, the whole album feels a little like it’s been a greatest hits collection .... »